Small Group. Big Results.

Our small Group Training is designed to help build, shape, and tone your body in a fun environment with like-minded individuals.


What is Small Group Training?

Our signature Small Group Fitness classes give you an intimate group workout experience with one of our certified professional trainers and a maximum of 4 people per group.

All small groups are tailored to your fitness level for an optimized workout experience.

A common concern when it comes to group training is whether or not you’ll receive proper attention from your trainer during your session. With our Small-Group classes, you no longer have to worry about sharing your time.

Each small group session is structured for one client per station, rotating through each one until the total workout is complete. This allows your trainer to guide you through your specific station, eliminates waiting around for your turn, and optimizes your time and experience in your session. 

Each exercise is strategically chosen to build an ideal strength-based workout to build the  targeted muscle groups.


Who is it for?

Making the choice to put your health first can feel scary, and the thought of doing it alone can be even more intimidating. If you’re looking to find a fitness-focused community that will support you along your journey, Small Group training is a perfect place to start.

Our Small Group training program gives you a community to support you, with a training program you will actually enjoy, and results that you deserve.


What are the Benefits?

Small group personal training helps you reach your fitness goals faster than working out on your own. A study from University of New England showed in a Small Group Fitness class, a significant increase in physical, mental and emotional quality of life, including decreased levels of stress.

Some other benefits of Small Group training include:

  • Increases motivation through healthy competition
  • Makes it difficult to slack off
  • Improves your chances of hitting your goals
  • Helps you see results faster
$99 per session
6 Months
$59 per session
12 Months
$49 per session