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Frequently Asked Questions

Food scales could be found at stores like Target, Walmart, or Amazon. When choosing a scale look for something that has both ounces and grams.
Absolutely! We want our clients to not only enjoy their daily meals but to make them tasty as well! Please consider when choosing your seasoning that we try to get around 2,000mg per day. Some awesome choices of seasonings we suggest are Himalayan Pink Salt, paprika, garlic powder, oregano, cinnamon; low sodium seasonings such as Mrs. Dash or Flavor God.
Water is preferred but if your really craving something Find a Sugar Free Option (ex: sugar Gatorade or tea) and/or add BCAA’s to your water for flavor. Drinks such as Tea, Gatorade, energy drinks etc should be limited due to the fact that they have sugar alcohol in them and this can disrupt digestion. Always check the label and search for the 0 calorie option(s).
Clients who workout first thing in the morning , whether it’s with your trainer or by yourself, should consume their pre-workout meal prior to their workout. If doing an early morning workout this is the structure for your meal plan to follow:
  • Meal 1: Protein and Fats w/ Post Workout Carb Source
  • Meal 2
  • Meal 3 Post Workout: Protein and Fats; w/ Meal 1 Carb Source
  • Meal 6
Your meal plan will change as you progress! Make sure you provide weekly check-in photos and summary to your Trainer so the necessary changes to your meal plan can be made.
What you do in the gym with your workouts is important. A good night’s sleep assists in the recovery of your body, helps you conserve energy, and it repairs and rebuilds the muscles you worked during exercise. When you get a good night’s rest, your body produces growth hormone: What is Human Growth Hormone (HGH): HGH works by getting more protein into your muscles and reduces fat, which in turn creates a strong and leaner body. Sleeping 8-10 hours per night is ideal for muscle growth.
It all depends on the food. All proteins such as steak, salmon, chicken, ground turkey etc should be measured cooked; and some carb sources such as, sweet potato, jasmine/brown rice, etc.should also be measured cooked. Carb sources such as oatmeal and cream of rice should be weighed dried (uncooked) prior to adding water to them as these food items expand in size once cooked.
Clients must notify their trainer about a cancellation 24 hours prior to their scheduled appointment. Providing a 24-hour notice to the trainer, you will receive a make up session for the session missed. If the cancellation of the appointment is less than 24 hours, this will result in loss of one the client’s total monthly sessions!
At the time of sign–up the client will schedule their day(s) and time(s) of their sessions for the month. For the most part, our client’s day(s) and times of session(s) remain the same week to week and each month. Adjustments to a client(s) schedule can be made as needed due to work schedule change, vacation, etc.
Feel free to contact us via What’s App! If Clients are in need of assistance for scheduling/rescheduling sessions and/or Questions Please reach out to your Trainer(s) between the hours of: Monday-Saturday: 6:00a.m-7:00p.m. Sunday – Coaches are available for contact for emergency purposes
Progress pictures are one of the ways to see how all of your hard work in the gym is paying off. Once you are able to start tracking your pictures you will visually be able to see “what’s” changing and “where” . Here a few tips to follow when taking progress pictures: Try to use the same lighting each time; natural lighting is the best! Take your pictures in the same place wearing the same clothes every time you take a progress picture. Also use a self-timer on your phone (no selfies please)
Your gym membership is not included in your monthly training payment. Your gym membership is ran through whichever gym location – Independence or Glory Gains; you train out of with your Trainer. Our clients receive a discounted monthly gym membership at our training locations.
Please meet your Trainer at the gym front desk 3-5 minutes prior to your training session.
We offer 1 Free Trial Session to those interested in training with Ideal Physiques . Reach out to your Trainer to with your friend(s) contact information and the requested time of session you would like to bring your friend to. Also, don’t forget to ask your Trainer about our Buddy Referral Program ! For each person you bring that signs up to and becomes an Ideal Physiques client you will receive 1 additional training session for the month. (example: bring 1 friend and they sign up you get 1 additional session each week for the 1 month; bring 2 friends and both sign up you get 2 additional sessions each week for 1 month)